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Lessons missed by pupils will not be credited unless adequate notice has been given to the teacher to rearrange their schedule. There will be no credit for leave taken by pupils during a term. Should a lesson be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the teacher; they will take all reasonable steps to make it up. BYMT cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If you wish to discontinue lessons; a; a written notice must be given to the instrumental teacher by half term to take effect from the end of that term. b; a copy of this cancellation of lessons must also be sent to BYMT. If you discontinue lessons at the start of a term you will be liable for that term’s fee. If you discontinue lessons after half term you will be liable for the following term’s fee. BYMT and its teachers reserve the right to discontinue lessons and/or reclaim hired instruments at any time. PAYMENTS Fees will be reviewed annually. Invoices will be submitted termly by the licensed Teacher. Payment for lessons and hire of instruments is due in advance at the start of each term and must be made within 14 days of receiving an invoice. If payment is not made within this 14-day period we reserve the right to suspend any further lessons until payment is received otherwise BYMT will pursue the debt. Lessons missed through late payment of fees will not be made up or refunded. Parents must pay for music and external examination fees.
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 Album:     Matt, Rat & Nat     fro    m iTunes.

 Album: Matt, Rat & Nat
from iTunes.