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A Show in Your Home


Peter is not your average entertainer.

Your guests will absolutely love the songs that Peter sings. None of your WWII songs here.

Great numbers from The Rat Pack, Matt Monro, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, Bobby Darin and popular songs from film and Broadway.

You can have an hour long show completely dedicated to Matt Monro with stories of his life and of course his fabulous songs


A show to get your guests movin' and a groovin'

Very special rates for Care and Residential Homes.

I know other care home entertainers only charge in the region of £50. I'm sorry, I can't do it for that. But what price to really entertain your guests with a fabulous show they will remember for months?

Go on, give them a special treat.

Only £150 for a mid week daytime 1 hour show


Our guests came along to Peter's Matt Monro show in our local church hall. What a fabulous afternoon. I have never seen our clients so animated and happy. We are looking foward to having him in our Care Homes so the guests, who could not make the journey, can enjoy his wonderful singing.

Maureen, Hythe Care.

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 Album:     Matt, Rat & Nat     fro    m iTunes.

 Album: Matt, Rat & Nat
from iTunes.