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Hi Peter
After you did such a sterling job entertaining my guests at my 70th birthday party in Feb 2017, and being a fan of Bromley Little Theatre, I said to my friend that I was not sure about going along tonight but felt I should. I am so pleased she persuaded me to come along - what a wonderfully relaxed and entertaining evening - after every song my friend kept saying “such a fabulous voice!”

We brought along my new neighbour who had never heard of you as she was not at my party - she, too, had a really great evening - bought a CD, and wants to come again to your next performance.

Thank you so much for such a great show - en route we all speculated as to how it would go - thinking you would just be singing one song after another - will it just be an hour of song? But no, it was so much more - relaxed and amusing and informative and so very enjoyable - but your voice obviously was the best bit.
When’s the next one?
— Eileen Smith
Dear Peter
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. It was magical. Matt MONRO would have been so pleased. The audience loved it and would have liked more - but - better to leave them wanting!!
Do come back next year!
Many thanks again.
All good wishes
— Pat Jones
“To listen to an evening of beautiful songs beautifully sung, is a feast in itself; to hear those songs presented with great wit and charm and an empathy for the original singer that will bring a tear to the eye, turns the feast into a Banquet! That is the achievement of Peter Snipp in ‘A Portrait of Matt Monro’ “
— Christopher Robbie - WildWood Barn, April 2018.
The best entertainment we have ever had
— Ladies Captain Shooters Hill Golf Club

A superb evening of songs and stories from the life of the great Matt Monro. 

Peter Snipp brings his love of The Man With The Golden Voice to the stage. 

Matt Monro was born Terry Parsons in the roughest part of London in 1930. He rose to be the singer other singers envied. 'The Singer's Singer'. Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby both admired his voice.

The show is 90 minutes long and is ideally suited to a seated audience.

 Album:     Matt, Rat & Nat     fro    m iTunes.

 Album: Matt, Rat & Nat
from iTunes.